We here at CrediThink seek reviewers for new products to first try, and then get the word out to the world on how they found them!  Please find the list of products we are currently recruiting reviewers for down below.



Thank You Farmer.  Did you know that a woman, on average, uses 4-5 products on a regular basis? Countless cosmetic products are released everyday, but aren't you tired of the endless flooding of so-called miracle and magic results?'
We believe that the best marketing is found through the best quality, and our highest priority is and will always be people.

Bounon Sea Kelp Toner

Bounon. Your skin is original. Beautiful.

The ideal toner to refresh, hydrate, and prepare your face after washing, Bounon's Sea Kelp Toner is the select choice to take care of your skin after a warm, cleansing wash.

Between the sub-acid pH level of ~6.0, tested formulation of minimal irritation, and the exclusion of alcohol, Bounon's Sea Kelp Toner is simply... 'it'.

SkyBottle Hand Creams

Skybottle.  When we were creating our products, being good enough was never enough for us. Our endeavor to make our products one-of-a-kind literally took us to the streets and cafes for testing and sampling. We reached out to countless people and asked, 'what do you think of this fragrance?'

If not for these endless pursuit and efforts, our niche and alluring fragrances would have never seen the light.

While we appreciate the interest, unfortunately we are unable to accept all submitted applications; each one will be given serious review, and if selected, the individual will be contacted by us via email. Make sure to add team@credithink.com to your safe list to avoid us going to spam!