ECO FACE Near-infrared LED Photon Mask for Home LED Therapy

The ECO FACE LED mask has 120 LED lights (60 visible Red LEDs and 60 invisible Near-infrared light) and this feature of ECO FACE differs from other LED masks. 

Near-infrared light therapy includes 700 nm to 1400 nm and Red light includes 620nm-700nm wavelengths. So you have the healing and therapeutic effect for the whole range of wavelengths 600nm~1400nm. 
Another difference between Red light and Near-infrared light is this: The longer the wavelength, the deeper it penetrates into the body. The Red light has a shorter wavelength and it is adequate for treating the surface of the skin. For the healing of deep wounds or the relief of deep muscle and joint pain, the longer wavelengths of near-infrared are more beneficial. 

When Visible red and invisible near-infrared energy are absorbed by photoreceptors in each cell (at realistic irradiances/doses), it has been shown that there is an increase in blood flow, allowing the body parts to receive the oxygen and nutrients. Regeneration is stimulated. Inflammation and pain are reduced. Also, it has beneficial effects on collagen metabolism. 

20min a day is the recommended dose of light treatment of this mask.


1. What is in the package componemts?

Answer: In the box, components are as follows 
1. ECO FACE mask body 
2.1x Controller 
3.1x Connector 
4.1x Charger 
5.1x User Manual 
6.1set eye gel pad 
7.1x Head bands

2. Hello. Looking at the pictures provided of the inside of the mask, I can’t help to notice the lack of actual infrared LED diodes. Please explain.

Answer: The LED mask consists of 60 led lights and 60 near-infrared, the wavelength between 700 and 1400 nm, led lights, which adds up to 120 led lights in total. The near-infrared lights are invisible to human eyes, whereas the 60 red led lights are visible. That's why you are only seeing 60 visible lights in the image.

3. Hi, i live in the us. my mask came with a 2 prong plug. how do i plug this in my outlet to recharge?

Answer: The mask and the charger are dual-voltage (110V-220V) and designed for use in North America so all you need is a travel adapter which we provide in the product package for additional support. 
Simply just put the travel adaptor into the plug of the charger. Then the prong configuration is changed and your plug will fit into the outlets in your home. 

4.What is the product warranty?

Answer: The mask itself has a one-year warranty and the components have a six-month warranty. The battery cannot be replaced with a new one, as the entire controller needs to be replaced. 

5. Hello there how many times a week are you able to use this? And you you only use serum on your face or you can use a serum and a face cream.?

Answer: You can wear this mask 20minutes a day for every day. We recommend you try this mask on clean face and apply serum or moisturizer after the treatment. 





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