Beauty Credit Rewards

As a sign of appreciation for your patronage and loyalty to CrediThink, we’ve created a number of ways you can earn Beauty Credits (reward points)!

How do I earn Beauty Credits?

There are three main ways to earn Beauty Credits!

#1. Simply by creating an account with us, you earn 500 Beauty Credits!

#2. Customers must log in to their account and complete an order. Once the order has been shipped out from our end in South Korea, your account will automatically be credited the Beauty Credits to be used towards your next purchase!

#3. For each product review you leave, you can earn 250 Beauty Credits!  This is subject to manual review and might take a day or two, depending on the load on our end.

Important Note
We are strongly against any actions that would be considered abusive towards our rewards system, including but not limited to multiple accounts and fraudulent orders.  Engaging in such activities will result in the termination of your account and the offering of our services.

How do I use my Beauty Credits?

Your Beauty Credits are automatically applied towards your next order, without the need to do anything special!

Each Beauty Credit is equivalent to $0.01 USD, and will be redeemed in the entirety you have available at your next order.

For example, if you have 432 Beauty Credits, you would receive a $4.32 discount on your next order!

Do my Beauty Credits expire?

Beauty Credits have an expiry date of 60 days from when you first earn them, in a first-in-first-out basis, giving you more than enough time to take advantage of them and restock when your supplies drop low!