Before starting this blog, I’ve had a lot of thoughts in the topic of skincare.  I mean, we are always exposed by so many different cosmetic products and contents that are pushed fiercely by cosmetic companies.  My goal here is to help consumers choose products wisely by introducing information and details about different products and their ingredients.  As a person working within this industry and experience making skincare products, my goal is to post honest opinions based on research and the extent of my knowledge. 

I hope that this place will become an open community forum to invite readers, much like yourself, to discuss the topics to come and give feedback, even if it means being on the receiving end of harsh criticisms… ^^  Before all of that, it is my hope that people will agree and understand my cosmetic motto, or rather, ‘comotto’:

My name is Ashley, but please call me A! I am a part of the CrediThink team, and I am excited to explore this skincare landscape together with you ^^